Commercial Law

We recognise the importance of working alongside business people to assist them in their business and to give timely and practical advice. We provide our clients, whether business proprietors or owners of commercial property with not only legal advice, but also extensive experience in business transactions and local knowledge, striving to ensure that our clients have the legal advantage in a commercial transaction. As franchising is increasing in popularity, our clients expect, and we provide, advice to prospective and existing franchisees ensuring that:

  • They make informed decisions
  • Receive the information franchisers are required by law to provide to them
  • Secure the benefits of the franchise

With the increased importance of intellectual property rights and information technology in the world of commerce, we can guide our clients through what may sometimes be a difficult maze. Anthony Ryan is in charge of our Commercial division. Anthony has practiced in this area of law since 1984, both in Brisbane for over 10 years and in Bundaberg since 1995.

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