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Payne Butler Lang has a long history in Bundaberg as the place to go for experienced solicitors. If you need solicitors for experienced legal advice, don't hesitate to give us a call. 

Our premises "Qunaba House", erected in 1887 (the same year that the firm was originally established), provide a spacious and pleasant workplace.

Originally the Queensland National Bank, "Qunaba House" is the oldest commercial building in Bundaberg.

The name "Qunaba" is an acronym from the bank’s name, Queensland National Bank.

The name was also used for the "Qunaba Sugar Mill" when it was initially operated by the Bank at Mon Repos Beach and continued to operate until the late 1970’s.

In 1995, "Qunaba House" was extensively refurbished and refitted to accommodate our modern professional offices with the latest technology while retaining its charm.

April 1887

Frederick William Payne (Barrister-at-Law) set up practice in Bundaberg under the name of Power and Payne.

FW Payne and James Hamilton merged practices and the firm became known as Hamilton Payne.

Hamilton and Payne went their separate ways and FW Payne practiced on his own as FW Payne until 1920.

FW Payne's son John (Jack) Payne joined his father after serving in the First World War and the firm became known as Payne and Payne.

FW Payne's grandson Fred Grose joined the firm and the name changed to Payne and Grose.

Graham Redhead joined the firm and it became known as Payne Grose and Redhead.

 Fred Grose's son John Grose joined the firm as a partner.


Payne Grose and Redhead merged with Butler and Ker a similarly established firm, which had been practicing in Childers since 1897 and the firm became known as Payne Butler and Partners.

John Lang joined the firm and it became known as Payne Butler Lang. John Lang retired in 1994. He had been practicing Law in Bundaberg since 1961. John was in partnership with Geoff Boreham for many years in the firm which was originally started by James Hamilton when he and FW Payne went their own ways back in 1904.


Anthony Ryan moved from Brisbane firm Quinn and Scattini and joined Payne Butler Lang as a partner.

Payne Butler Lang moves premises from Barolin Street to the recently renovated "Qunaba House" on the corner of Quay and Targo Streets.

Bruce Dalton, who had been with Payne Butler Lang since 1993, became a partner.

Glen Krebs who had been with Payne Butler Lang since 1995 became a partner. 

January 2010
Geoffrey Cunningham who had been with Payne Butler Lang since 2000 becomes a partner.

July 2011
Jason Greig who had been with Payne Butler Lang since February 2010 becomes a partner.

Payne Butler Lang celebrates 125 years of quality legal service!

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